A synthesis of Patina and Nova...

Patina refers to the change in the surface of an object that arises through age, use or weathering. The presence of a patina is a sign that an object has been looked after and that it should continue to be cherished. It conjures up images of many people, many hands and many places over decades or even centuries.

A patina is always unique and always absorbing because of its random richness. It suggests quality. We could think of patina as a kind of truth or integrity or honesty of its object: its surface reflects its depths, indicating its true nature and history.

Nova meaning "renewed" from Latin "nova". Our cufflinks are made from good condition original Hong Kong coins, refered to numismatically as 'fine' or 'very fine'. They are plated in gold or rhodium to give them the colour and sheen they had when newly minted. Over time and use, another patina will emerge, adding a new chapter to the coin's history.